At Soluvers we focus on doing software development for startups in the form of web apps by using the bubble no code method

Web Apps

Soluvers creates custom tools that help you supercharge your team in the form of an internal software. If you are looking to create a platform for your customers, we are there for you as well.

We rely on the power of no code and low code tools Adalo, bubble no code and Wix to create these amazing tools, minimizing the amount of custom code as much as possible. When the need calls for it though, Django helps us render tools coded in Python to do software development for startups.

Users & Roles

Define your own parameters for users of your platform and permissions they get.

Search & Filters

Allow your users to search and filter for content.

Scheduling & Calendars

Integration with calendars and scheduling tools.

API Integration

Want to be able to extract information to improve your web app from other databases available online? Let us help you!

Payments & Banking

Integrate with a payment processor such as Stripe so that your customers can make purchases.


Allow for a greater interaction through built-in messaging.

Alert & Notifications

Send notifications to your users.


Set your app language to English or Spanish.

Responsive Design

Make your platform look great whether you are on a computer or smartphone.

Charts & Tables

Create an integrated dashboard with analytics.

Other features

Many, many more features…

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions

Rely on the newest technology to create beautifully looking solutions that will leave your customers in awe!

How we deliver results 


When developing a new web app we aim to create a sense of “familiarity”. For this reason, we will research what similar options are already out there that are successful in the tasks that your new product will perform. We will also ask you to give us examples so that we understand how you want it to look like.


After gathering benchmarking samples, we will develop a mock-up of the solution that we envision and will review it with you in order to create the best looking “draft” of the web app possible.


Then, we will start the development of the tool utilizing our tested process: Design Review, Design Testing and Internal Testing until we declare the development functional. Following Lean Principles, we reiterate the Pursue of Perfection.


After finishing with the development face, we declare the product ready to launch and hand it over to you… enjoy!

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