Many of Soluvers projects started with no code solution Adalo

Our Projects

At Soluvers, we take pride in the solutions that we develop for our clients because we believe that each and every one of them are tailor-made to suit their needs. We don’t focus only on what they want, but rather what they need. And we do this by utilizing the power of data. We aim to make them happy by involving them in the process…Every step of the way!

SaveTribe was Soluvers first no code app development with tool Adalo


SaveTribe is a gamified savings app where users can save as a group. Users place a bet on who will be able to save, those who save take the share of the pot from those who lose. SaveTribe makes saving more fun and incentivizes you to save.

Ineomex approached Soluvers for a fast development which was done with no code solution Adalo


For the purpose of increasing their reach in Mexico, specifically for their engineering waterproofing solutions, we have helped Ineomex by creating a web app platform for referrals. The solution allows for advocates to refer potential clients to Ineomex’s services and in return they get a commission!

Henares was another one of Soluvers first no code app development solutions done with Adalo


Henares is medical insurance that offers 100% coverage for cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology events in Paraguay.

For the purpose of providing 24/7 service for their customers all over the country, as well as emergency services, we helped them develop their own mobile app.

Worked With

Ineomex no code development with Adalo is a web app
FesaMerpro is currently undergoing a digital transformation with Soluvers
Henares's mobile app was Soluvers second development with no code solution Adalo

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