Soluvers can do mobile app development for small business in the form of a launch app through the use of Adalo

Mobile Apps

Are you looking to launch your own mobile app but are unsure where to start? Whether you are a funded startup, small business or founder, Soluvers is here for you.

Through our combination of Market Research and use of low code tool Adalo, we create beautiful and functional designs to help you launch as soon as possible.


Our process allows for your app to get to market faster with an infrastructure easy to understand and upgrade later on!

iOS and Android

Your app will be ready to launch in both the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Pre-made design elements

By relying on Adalo, the elements that will compose your app are highly proven.

Fast MVP Development

Adalo allows for the creation of highly visual products at a faster rate than by using the traditional method.

Save Money

By launching faster and iterating over the most important aspects early on.

Fast changes

As your app goes live, Adalo permits to make changes instanteously.

How we deliver results 

Market Research

If you want to get a higher understanding of the market fit of your product, we will help you by performing UX Research interviews with end users. 


We will then assess and analyze our findings. We will incorporate them, together with any benchmarking ideas we may find into the design of your mobile app.


Finally, we will test your functional prototype internally until we reach a product that we consider to be ready to launch. If you choose so, we will help you launch the app to the market!

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