SaaS for SMEs: The powerful concept of modularity

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Becoming digital is an important goal for most businesses, but there are so many ways to do it that it becomes overwhelming, especially for smaller businesses. Small businesses realistically only have two options, find a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that fits their needs, or develop something on their own (or with help) to do what they need. There are obvious downsides and upsides to both.


SaaS can offer a lot to a small business, and there are countless solutions out there to fulfill almost any need. However, this plug-and-play approach does have its downsides. Smaller businesses usually fulfill a very specific function and having a general-purpose SaaS solution might not necessarily be the best way to go.

On the other hand, customized software is more expensive and requires a lot more effort and development (Trust us, we would know). In this environment, small businesses are handcuffed into selecting a SaaS solution that is the closest fit for them. This isn’t good or bad, it’s the way things are right now. 


We said earlier that customized solutions are a lot more complicated, especially for a small business. All the planning and iterating that comes with completely customized software gets expensive very quickly. It can also take a very long time to develop depending on the complexity of the product and the resources available.

Customized solutions might well be the way to go for bigger businesses, but the hassle of actually making one will definitely push smaller businesses to a general-purpose SaaS.


So, let’s say you’re a small business and you find yourself with a SaaS, that’s not the ideal solution for you, what can be better?


Some SaaS companies are looking at a way that this can be done. Modularity. Basically offering a bare-bones SaaS solution with modules that can be “turned on or off” depending on the needs of the client. If you need a specific solution, you only need to pay for a module that suits your purpose, instead of paying for something general or going the expensive custom route.


For smaller businesses, this is the way to go if they want to become digital without incurring astronomical costs. At Soluvers we are firm believers in small businesses becoming digital be it by using a SaaS solution or using more custom solutions if they can afford it. 


One of the steps we are proud of taking in 2022 is to create the SaaS solution for small businesses, following the principles we have discussed, focusing on modularity. One of the main benefits of having created plenty of custom solutions is that we have the architecture of how these solutions are created and we can adapt them to suit the needs of a client seeking a SaaS solution.


We are also pleased to announce that we will be participating in the IE University Venture Lab in 2022. The Venture Lab is a startup incubator for startups primarily based in Spain, it helps startups launch their product or service in the specific market they are targeting. We plan to use this process to develop the SaaS solution for smaller businesses looking for a modular solution to fit their needs.

At the Venture Lab, we will be testing our concept to see where the real market opportunity is and which of our existing solutions is best suited for that market. 


At Venture Lab, we will also receive mentorship from people who have experience in this area and who will be willing to help us find the niche we are looking for. Soluvers was born out of that same process so we have a lot of faith that it will only leave to good things.


In this day and age, most if not all businesses are digital or partly digital, but as technology continues to advance, we will only see more opportunities for digital transformation. In many cases, where smaller businesses can rely on analog technology or just customer and supplier relationships, these small businesses must find a way to adapt as the world around them becomes more digital.

Creating a SaaS solution tailor-made for small businesses using modularity and interconnection will make sure they are able to keep up with digital transformation trends moving forward.

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